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January 6, 2012
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Saline Airstream - Salt by Vincent-Montreuil Saline Airstream - Salt by Vincent-Montreuil

The «Saline Airstream» is the next crazy project of « Les Triplettes de Bonneville » : WEBSITE

A transformable motorbike for speed records which can be also driven on the road !

This is a compressed air motorbike for the next SpeedWeek of Bonneville in 2011.
This bike represents all the French audacity and eccentricity. Moreover, it promotes a new trend in speed records by using an air compressed technology. Finally, this bike is exclusive, minimalist, simple, efficient and serves as a technological showcase of the "savoir-faire" of the "Triplettes".

Technic :
- Frame in aluminium / magnesium alloy
- Air compressed engine (by MDI : website)
- 3 gas cylinders - total capacity of 27 liters (by Luxfer : website)
- Different equipments : Avon (tyres) -Marchesini (rims) - Beringer (brakes) – Fournales (suspensions)

This concept is realized by 5 designers students at the ISD of Valenciennes (France) :
- Vincent Montreuil (Designer, 5th year) <<< Hey, it's me !!!
- Julien Clément (Designer, 5th year)
- Thomas Duhamel (Designer, 3rd year)
- Benoît Ponton (Designer, 3rd year)
- Pierrick Huart (Digital Designer, 1st year)

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Looks nice. I do have a tec question... The front suspension is a great design but where is the right /left movement pivot? I see the handlebars pivot but the up down mono suspension doesn't seem to show a right left movement. It connects on the bottom rails on both sides and once on the top of the right rail just below the shock mount. (that I can see, both sides on top too?) The bottom mounts would show a solid stationary non side to side movement. How is it steered? That small connecting rod that seems to come off of a bracket below the shock isn't going to do anything in this picture. Stabilizer rod for? Is it pivoted behind the tanks?! There is a piece of what looks like frame behind the air tanks... Is this a two piece frame pivoting in the middle?!? Kind of under your chest!! That would be cool if you don't fall off every time you make a hard slow turn... Would have to lean over! Then why the handlebar pivot? Hey, if it pivots back there you have taken the extended front-end from the old chopper era and made it all brand new! There should be a frame neck piece under there then, right? That might work good too! Steering damper knob on the top, right? Just hold on when you light it up... Love the compressed air feature! That system works sweet! Been there done that. Needs lots of compressed air though... The wheels might need valve stems. Go look at my gallery and see my hand made motorcycles... I have built a few... real ones. Would love to build this one for real! Just might do it anyway. Keep up the awesome work!
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awesome looking bike!
Man do I love it!
It's like a future caferacer.  
sheinavyblueye Jul 5, 2012  Student Digital Artist
Really cool!
bear48 Feb 1, 2012  Professional
very cool
NOMANSNODEAD Jan 18, 2012  Student General Artist
beautiful design mate! cheers to you
bordeauxman Jan 11, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
nice !
EricJ562 Jan 11, 2012  Professional Digital Artist
Very interesting concept...
GabrielM1968 Jan 7, 2012  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Génial ! Bravo super boulot ! J'adore la ligne !

Je suis loin d'être un expert dans les moteurs utilisant l'air comprimé mais, il semble que le moteur de votre projet fonctionne avec des pistons... Je pensais que l'on utiliserait plutôt des turbines...
Vincent-Montreuil Jan 7, 2012  Professional Digital Artist
Merci !
Pour le moteur il est développé par MDI, donc nous n'avons rien à voir avec sa conception (nous sommes designers, pas ingénieurs)
Et en effet il y a bien des pistons.
Pour faire simple il faut imaginer qu'à la place de l'explosion qui créé une pression sur le piston, cette pression est générée par de l'air comprimé.
CatLadyMilan Jan 6, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
that looks insane to drive ... in a good way
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